Robbyn Swan has co-authored five ground-breaking non-fiction books. Swan’s most recent book, A MATTER OF HONOR, Pearl Harbor: Betrayal, Blame & a Family's Quest for Justice, tells the story of Pearl Harbor scapegoat Admiral Husband Kimmel. A Matter of Honor is a heartbreaking human story of politics and war – and epic history.

Her 2014 book, Looking for Madeleine told the heartbreaking story of the disappearance of British toddler Madeleine McCann.The Eleventh Day, on the September 11 attacks, was published in 2011. The Arrogance of Power, a biography of former President Richard Nixon, appeared in 2000. Sinatra: The Life was published in May 2005 by New York publisher Alfred A. Knopf. 

Ms. Swan is a graduate of Smith College and did post-graduate work in Russian and East European Studies. She previously worked as researcher for authors John le Carré, William McPherson and Anthony Summers. Ms. Swan has contributed to Vanity Fair, and numerous other periodicals - among them Marie Claire, Woman’s Day, The Irish Times, The Sunday Independent [Ireland and The Telegraph [UK]. Her work has also appeared in Life, the London Independent, The European and The National Journal.  

Swan has been a consultant on documentaries for PBS, A&E, The History Channel, CNN, and the BBC. 

Swan is married to author Anthony Summers. They live in Ireland, on the bank of the River Blackwater, and have three children.

Prior to her marriage, Swan spent five years running a shelter in Washington, D.C. - living with mentally ill homeless women as part of a unique project to create housing for the long-term homeless population. She has been a longtime volunteer with Bodyways, Ireland's National Eating Disorders Association and is a vocal advocate for young women's mental health issues.