The Arrogance of Power



From his record in politics to the crimes that saw him ousted from power, no U.S. politician pre-Trump has obsessed Americans as did Nixon. Drawing on more than a thousand interviews and five years of research, Anthony Summers and Robbyn Swan show us a man driven by an addiction to intrigue, a man whose eventual subversions of democracy were the culmination of years of manipulation of the system.
Summers and Swan give us previously undisclosed facts about Nixon's role in the plots to topple Cuba's Fidel Castro and Chile's Salvador Allende, his sabotage of the Vietnamese peace talks in 1968, and his acceptance of funds from dubious - even criminal - sources. New evidence indicates that this President had problems with alcohol and prescription drugs, abused this wife Pat, and was at times mentally unstable. 

The Arrogance of Power shows how the actions of one tormented man influenced fifty years of American history - in ways that still reverbate today.


“[Summers'] has done an enormous service... The inescapable conclusion, well body-guarded by meticulous research and footnotes, is that in the Nixon era the United States was, in essence, a 'rogue state'. It had a ruthless, paranoid and unstable leader who did not hesitate to break the laws of his own country"
                                          — Christopher Hitchens, New York Times Book Review

“The Arrogance of Power is an extraordinary - almost frightening - story of Nixon's rise and fall, an account that challenges all the existing biography (and autobiography) of this American icon...Devastating …no-one interested in history, politics, government or the American presidency should ignore it”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 — Chicago Tribune

"Compelling...convinces me that R.M. Nixon was even worse than any of us suspected, and reading now of his crimes then is an almost spiritual experience - like watching Olivier play Richard III."

                                                                                                                  — Gore Vidal

"The Arrogance of Power should be read by all..."

                                             — Sen. Lowell Weicker, former member of the Senate
                                                                                                 Watergate Committee

"A superbly researched and documented account - the last word on this dark and devious man."                                                                                                                                                                                                             

                                                                                                             — Paul Theroux

“This book is a brilliant, devastatingly documented mirror of our culture...”

                                                — Winner of the National Book Award Roger Morris

"Astonishingly well researched...incredibly well sourced."

                                                                                    —The Independent on Sunday

"In many ways, The Arrogance of Power is the best one-volume, full-life biography of Nixon ever published."

                                                                                  — The San Francisco Chronicle​


AMAZON (U.S Edition)
AMAZON (U.K Edition)

The Secret Life of Richard Nixon

The inside story of President Nixon, who longed to be a great man - whatever the cost. In this part, how he sabotaged Vietnam peace negotiations in 1968, fearful that success would swing votes to his Democratic opponent.

The Dark Side of Richard Nixon

Authors Anthony Summers and Robbyn Swan appeared on the Washington Journal's "The Dark Side of Richard Nixon: Dirty Tricks and Secrets of His Hidden World", discussing their book "The Arrogance of Power".
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